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   Founded in August 1998, GL-COM is an verified national Hi- Tech enterprise with branches in HongKong, Shenzhen, Huizhouand United States. member of XDK Group.We specialize in the manufacturing andselling of fiber optic products and accessories, and are industry leaders in researchand development. We focus on delivering high quality customer service and areaccredited with the ISO9000. In addition, we also obtain certifications ofthe ISO14001 and the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series18001.

    GL-COM offers a wide range of highly competitive active and passive fiber opticsproducts. Our active products, such as OLT and ONU, which are equippedwith multiple function capabilities and customized software technology,demonstrate superior technical expertise. A strong research anddevelopment team delivers our customers with high performing products, whileour post-sales team provides comprehensive support. Both services aredesigned to provide our customers with excellent service, delivery, and support.All of our products are qualified with the Network Access License, issuedby the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republicof China.
    Our passive products are distinguished by our large capacity and high-endproducts. In terms of production capacity, GL-COM has an absolute advantageover our competitors and is a key player in the field of passive productmanufacturing. Monthly production capacity is currently at 5 millionterminations with undergoing plans for expansion. In order to maintain marketcompetitiveness, GL-COM offers a broad range of high-end and customizedproducts, such as MTP & MPO.
    Possessing the following strengths and characteristics, GL-COM has achieved adominant position in both domestic and international markets. We have astrong technical & QC team with over 10 years’ extensive experience and alarge and highly competent employee base of over 1000 employees. We haveover 35,000 square meters of modern manufacturing space, assured customersatisfaction, product quality and reliability through approvals from theCE, FCC and ROHS, whilst maintaining competitive prices. To date, sevenbranches and representative offices have already been established in China, withmore offices planned for the near future. In the international market, GL-COM hasdeveloped a solid reputation in targeted regions, including the US, Europe, Asiaand etc., through partnerships with various leading industry companies.

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