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 Enterprise spirit and core values:Integrity, Unity, Innovation and Competition.



The enterprise culture of GL-COM is formed as “Respect, Win-Win and Harmonization”,which is based on the common interests of employees, suppliers, partners,customers, shareholders and society.For a common development of the employeesand enterprise,GL-COM creates an efficient and collaborative busi- nessenvironment and builds up a multi-level and high-quality team for R&D,production, marketing, enginee- ring services and management.



GL-COM implements comprehensive trainingprograms for each year to improve the staff’s exper- tise and profe-ssionalism, which provides long-term planning for personal career and laid asolid foundation for the Enterprise'sindependent innovation and sustainable development.


Work Atmosphere: 

GL-COM has been creating a workingatmosphere called "Happy Work, Happy Life".



GL-COM is committed to improving theemployee’s satisfaction and life quality, and encouraging the communications amongthe staff via the means of the enterprise journal, staff clubs, and Community,which enriches the staff’s work and life. 



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